Your bed is kind of frightening.

I had to take this video from my friend because I love Tubelord and it's been a while since I made you all listen to them.

So half of the reason I barely update this is because my login details managed to slip out of the holes in my brain some time in the last year. But don't get me wrong, I still care. But I am trying to reign in what I care about and, instead of boring you with bands that I don't actually care about that much, I will tell you things that I do care about. And maybe you will listen and maybe you won't.
At the moment I am making a magazine. It's thematic and based on the novel A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood. It's been stressful but I do love it. Once it's been to the printers I may scan it on here, if I manage to get over my technophobia.
In the last week I have gained two internships. One is at a place called Verb Music Group in London. I will be doing fun things, prepping peoples, styling etc. The other is at NME magazine. So this will be fun.
And a big congratulations to Jesus for rising from the dead. You go girl.

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