King Charles

The knowledge that King Charles travels in an arty crowd comes as no surprise seeing as some of his local haunts are the Notting Hill Arts Club and The Lock Tavern. Devilishly handsome Charles is unabashedly English and one of those rare artistes who just exude the elegance and stature of an icon. With his well-thought-out image and unruly beehive hair, it's not surprising that his looks are often speculated more often than his acoustic odes to love. This, however, is a huge shame because one listen to his tracks will diminish any Victorian-styled Lothario image you may have held and replace it with fond thoughts of this hopeless romantics sentiments.
Creation of King Charles: Somewhere between studying Sociology at Durham University and living the student life Charles found himself in a band named Adventure Playground. This band toured relentlessly with respected musicians such as Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and Mumford and Sons. Eventually, in this hazy time, King Charles found himself a soloist gigging in all Girls' schools which ultimately led to him touring with the same bands alone to a much appreciating audience thus creating King Charles- the solo artist.
Song to win over an audience: Charles is a poet in his own right, seen in these visionary lyrics from his perfectly flowing single 'Time of Eternity': "The fulfilment of beauty has to be love, the fulfilment of love has to come from above, when i feel the darkness descend upon me, everything in time is short compared to eternity."
Secret Sixth Sense 1: King Charles once 'rescued a baby Giraffe from the jaws of the jackal, was soaked in the venom of the spitting cobra and moved to Maida Vale.' Ahem, to the wild mind of that Press Release, we expect to see the majestic artist performing his next safari rescue on stage. Please?
Secret Sixth Sense 2: As a man who likes the finer things in life, his West London upbringing and cello-playing background has often been the cause of his trustafarian label. Yet secretly, we think he was cloned with the genetic involvement of Marc Bolan and Bob Dylan, or they just had crazy impossible relations in a Junior like scenario.
Failed Ambitions: With Jack Sparrow-esque attire it's impossible to ignore the dirty pirate-look within him. Yet with a passion for Sociology, tales of apocalypse and poetry instead of the obligatory gold'n'rum it seems he would have made quite the odd shipmate.
King Charles Fans: For all the New Age Cavaliers Googling the wrong name. Likewise all those star-cross'd lovers and hopeless romantics who were either born in the wrong decade or like to pleasure the tortured artist within themselves.
The King Charles Experience: Charles' psychedelic-acoustic sounds flow over dancing pianos, vibrant guitars and electronic-folksy songs. Whilst in a definite category of bands such as Devendra Banhart and Noah and the Whale, King Charles looks and sounds quite unlike anything we have heard before in the uttermost complimentary sense of the phrase. An idolatry figure of the future, a reluctant poet, a trustafarian, call him what you will you can't deny the boy has talent and plenty of it.

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