Esben and the Witch

If we could produce a soundtrack for our darkest, most esoteric dreams it wouldn't sound all too different from Esben and the Witch. This gloomy three-piece hailing from Brighton sound like a fantastical Halloween version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream with spine-tingling electronics and brooding female vocals haunting enough to put you straight under a spell. So let your senses succumb to the thriftily imaginative, nightmare inducing, enigma worshipping, Rachael Davies, Daniel Copeman and Thomas Fisher of Esben and The Witch.

Creation of Esben and The Witch: The Brighton connected band opened up The Pink Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, and was at once overpowered by their namesake narrative: a delightful Danish fairytale of slaughter, sorrow and cruelty, and ta-da the sadistic fellows were formed. But evidently it’s their name alone that sums up this trio's music better than any words could.

Song to win over an audience: The curiously entitled 'About this Peninsula'. At first sounding like an eerie ode to a post-rock Radiohead, the song kicks off when Rachael's fragile yet definite vocals overflow with a sense of energy and immense beauty. Adding to the perfectly constructed noise-fest, Rachael’s chanting sighs seep delicately through soul-ripping melancholy and the dirty post-rock tension.

Secret Sixth Sense 1: The band give themselves the unusual label of 'nightmare pop' and their EP, 33, is one of the most bedevilled collection of twisted tales that we have ever heard.

Secret Sixth Sense 2: As intensively sincere and scholastic E&W are in their mysterious escapades, there’s nothing better than their open embrace to good-hearted pop, proudly covering live Kylie Minogue's 'Confide In Me’. Eat your heart out Kylie!

Failed Ambitions: So thoroughly academically spoken in interviews when revealing the brimming talent of the band, we were mesmerized by their intellectual creativity, and simply gobsmacked to find any failing ambitions to elaborate with. With a light-popping moment, the grammatical four piece felt all rather Pinky and The Brain...first stop, Esben and The Witch lure you in with musical hypnosis , next stop, total world domination! Ah!

Esben and The Witch Fans: Passionate History intellects obsessed with Gothic architecture, Victorian art and foreign mythology seeking for the tortured musical equivalent for a daily backing track.

Esben and The Witch Experience: Using mesmerising stage props from glaring owls to glowing globes, Esben and The Witch will entangle you with cobwebbed Björk siren calls, swirling guitars like a dirtier Siouxsie and the Banshees and a drum machine set to a Radiohead arrhythmic heartbeat, dead-set on comprising your sleeping sub-conscious.

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