Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have been collaborating on various projects over 15 creative years, with The Bad Seeds and Grinderman and soundtracks for films like The Assassination of Jesse James in 2007 and The Proposition back in 2005; and now comes the highly anticipated album White Lunar.

White Lunar is a double CD (16 tracks and 17 tracks) that allows previews of the soundtrack to the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel 'The Road' along with material previously unreleased, unavailable and rare. The unique tracks are equally composed and poignant.

Classical yet timeless, CD1 'Srey Leak' opens with glittering piano effects reminiscent of raindrops in hidden lakes where as the closing track on CD2 'Sorya Market' is a stunningly placed piano track that would only be used in a tearful goodbye scene yet includes a hidden track ten minutes in sounding like an angry earth.

Each track assists to document the psychological and physical struggle of the post-apocalyptic story where we see both Father and Son trek across a wasteland and telling their story of survival. Ellis and Cave's talented hands give the tragic story new depths and musical dimensions so perfectly crafted for this tale it's hard to believe this story was ever told without it.

The second disc contains four tracks - 'Halo', 'Daedalus', 'Magma' and 'Zanstra' that are named after craters and all prove to tell the next part to a story, or a trip through the world environmentally with Daedalus sounding like 'space music' and Magma not sound unlike an angry swarm of bees some distance away.

Each intriguing track takes you on to the next in a segue from subject to subject in a way that seems to make sense. It carries you through a journey built by imagery of beautiful but human trodden landscapes and unexplored worlds, whatever this album lacks in words it makes up for in unabashed intensity

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