A Nation Lacking Sophistication

There have been countless inspiring eras in the past bringing with them the most spectacular icons that we have witnessed such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. These women emanate elegance, beauty and sophistication. They have the ability to provoke sexiness by mastering the art of seduction in the most refined and classy way. These women make me nostalgic for an era that I was not even a part of. So after looking at these idols, forgive me for feeling shame that Lady Gaga is perceived as an 'icon of today'. I am a definite fan of the celebration of femininity, that's a given, however when our Grandchildren look back on the 'olden days' of our adolescent years, a woman who describes being a stripper as an 'art form' is not something I would like to them adhere to. Nor will I feel reminiscence and sentimentality when my Granddaughter comes to Sunday lunch dressed like a robotic hooker because she is trying to channel that 'inspiring' Lady Gaga look.

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