Don't Let It End.

I have been putting up my big, black Christmas tree and thus feel the need to spread Christmas cheer to all. A stunning Christmas song:

p.s I said Christmas three times in that paragraph.

I am now Student Ambassador of VICE magazine for London. So go to and read up and laugh and be shocked or whatever you wanna do. Awesome. Aside from that I am reading Fear of Flying which is really fabulous and I went to see Muse a week or so ago at O2, then Moby at the Palace Theatre. It was unlike anything I have seen before, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? made me cry like a stupid baby. Actually so did Porcelain as it very much reminds me of someone special. Embarrassing. It was otherworldly however and I fell head over heels for Moby. He did an interview in the middle of the set and one of the questions was 'Who do you only like sad songs?' I cannot remember his exact answer much to my annoyance however it was something like the following: happy songs are happy. They make you jump around and have fun and it's cool. But sad songs stick with you and you allow them to alter your emotions.

Maybe I have made that quote up but whatever I thought it was very intellectual.


  1. I had forgotten how beautiful u are and i miss you xxxxxxxxx